Prefabricated insulation kits to create warm, healthy, low carbon homes.

Europe's 45 million solid-wall homes need insulating

Uninsulated solid-wall properties in Europe are responsible for emissions of 120 Mt CO2e each year.For the leakiest homes, fabric upgrades are an essential first step on the path to zero emissions.Improving thermal efficiency will enable the cost-effective replacement of fossil fuel heating systems with heat pumps, taking homes to near zero carbon.

How does it work?

We are industrialising home insulation to unlock zero emission retrofit at scale.


A looming labour crunch

Current methods of retrofit are highly labour-intensive and of variable quality. There are not enough skilled workers to meet the challenge.In the UK alone, it is estimated that 400,000 new workers need to be trained to meet our 2030 climate commitments.There is a smarter way.


4x Faster Installation

To industrialise the retrofit process we need to remove as much labour, occupant disruption and cost as possible.With VundaHaus you can install External Wall Insulation 4x as fast as traditional methods.We eliminate wet trades, to reduce time and weather dependency and offer a wide choice of bespoke finishes.This means that we can transform leaky old buildings into comfortable and energy efficient VundaHomes in just a few days, with minimal disruption to the occupants.


Off-site Construction

We use the latest 3D scanning technologies to create an accurate model of each property.Using this 3D data, we design and manufacture a bespoke thermal envelope from our kit-of-parts.The kit is delivered to site fully labeled and with detailed assembly instructions for our installer partners to assemble in a few days - creating a warm, healthy, low-carbon home.

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Meet the Team

Max Bloomfield, CPO

Materials Scientist, PhD
7+ years R&D in academia & industry
Materials selection, characterisation & testing

Adam Slader, CEO

Director of Analytics and experienced CTO
Built and managed 50+ person teams
30+ property portfolio

Our Manifesto

Healthy occupants. Breathable materials & ventilation.Design. Upgrade the look & feel of your home.Guaranteed quality. 30 year warranty.Minimal disruption. Installed in days not weeks.Affordable. Leading the market to a scalable price point.

Our mission

Our mission is to insulate 150k houses per year by 2032, achieving a total annual emissions reduction of 10 Mt CO2e.We are industrialising home insulation to unlock Zero Emission Homes.

150,000 Houses

10 Mt CO2e.

Let's make homes Vundaful.

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